Lexus NX 300h

Most Reliable 2020 SUVs and Least Reliable

Consumer Reports (CR) has crunched the data and made predictions about the most reliable and least reliable 2020 SUV models. All of the models evaluated have been around for at least two years, giving them a track record to base off. The CR predictions are based on a survey of 420,000 vehicle owners within the…

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2019 Chevy Blazer RS

Chevy Blazer vs. Chevy Equinox: What’s the Difference?

Picking out a new SUV can be an overwhelming prospect for anyone, from subcompact crossovers to mid-size to full-size vehicles, there are lots of choices with a wide range of specifications and features that have to be examined and considered. Chevrolet alone has six SUV models to chose from ranging from the diminutive Trax to…

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Kia Telluride

Kia Telluride vs. Subaru Ascent Comparison

Both of these new Kia and Subaru three-row crossovers are newer models and offer an array of appealing features. To make an informed buying decision, you should, of course, consider the differences between the two. Read on to view a comparison of the main features of the Kia Telluride and the Subaru Ascent. Size/Seating Capacity…

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Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V v. Ford Escape Insurance Rates

Two long-running compact SUV models that compete with each other are the Ford Escape and the Honda CR-V. Both vehicles offer drivers a range of accessories and luxuries with good fuel economy. The fuel consumption is a money-saving area that draws customers to compact SUV models while still offering much greater utility than a sedan…

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2010 jeep wrangler islander

Best 2019 SUVs for Resale Value

Even if you love your SUV, eventually it’s going to be a time to get a new one. When that time comes, it’s important to make sure you get great resale value for your vehicle, yielding you a better return on investment and more bang for your buck. Here are some of the top-rated 2019…

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