SUV with the Highest Resale Value: Top Choices & Advice

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When investing in an SUV, there are several elements to contemplate for obtaining the greatest resale value. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the intricacies of resale values and delve into the world of off-road SUVs that offer attractive packages while maintaining their worth over time.

We’ll begin by defining what resale value is and examining the various aspects that influence it. Next, we’ll discuss some of the top contenders in the market today such as Honda CR-V, Ford Bronco, Subaru Crosstrek, Jeep Wrangler, Toyota 4Runner and GMC Yukon among others. Furthermore, we’ll weigh up the pros and cons of owning an SUV with high resale value.

Maintaining your vehicle’s worth is crucial; hence our discussion on how regular maintenance and repairs can contribute to preserving its high percentage return compared to its original sticker price. We will also debunk common myths surrounding SUVs with high resale values before providing you with valuable tips for buying a used model without compromising on quality or performance.

By exploring these topics thoroughly, you will be well-equipped to make informed decisions when purchasing an SUV with the highest resale value – ensuring a wise investment for years to come.

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Kelley Blue Book’s Best Resale Value Awards

The prestigious Kelley Blue Book (KBB) Best Resale Value Awards recognize brands and vehicles that excel in retaining their original values. Based on projections from the KBB Official Residual Value Guide, these awards help car enthusiasts and SUV drivers make informed decisions about vehicle purchases while maximizing return-on-investment during trade-ins or sales events.

Lexus earns top honors for 2023

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In the luxury segment, Lexus has been awarded the top spot for its exceptional resale value performance. Known for its reliability, innovative technology, and attractive package offerings, Lexus continues to be a popular choice among discerning buyers who prioritize long-term value retention.

Toyota predicted to best preserve its original values among mainstream brands

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For those seeking an SUV with high resale potential within mainstream brands, Toyota stands out as a frontrunner. With models like the off-road capable Toyota 4Runner, fuel-efficient Highlander Hybrid, and versatile RAV4 topping KBB’s list of highest percentage retainers in their respective categories, it is no surprise that Toyota remains a go-to brand when considering future financial implications such as resale values.

  • Honda CR-V: The Honda CR-V consistently ranks highly in terms of both initial quality and long-term dependability. Its combination of practicality, comfort features like ample cargo space and advanced safety systems makes it an appealing option for families looking to invest in a vehicle with strong resale value.
  • Ford Bronco: As one of the most anticipated off-road SUVs, the Ford Bronco has garnered significant attention for its rugged design and impressive capabilities. Its unique combination of style and performance is expected to contribute to high resale values in the future.
  • Subaru Crosstrek: With Subaru’s reputation for reliability and all-wheel drive prowess, it comes as no surprise that the Crosstrek maintains an impressive residual value. In addition to its standard AWD system, Subaru offers a variety of features like EyeSight Driver Assist Technology that make this compact crossover stand out from competitors.

The Jeep Wrangler remains a popular choice among those seeking adventure both on- and off-road. Its iconic design combined with modern updates such as advanced infotainment systems helps maintain its position as one of the top-performing vehicles when it comes to retaining original sticker price over time.

In addition to these standout models, other noteworthy mentions include Porsche Macan known for its sporty handling; GMC Yukon offering luxury ride experience in Denali trim; Subaru Forester praised for safety features and spacious interiors making them attractive options when considering long-term financial implications like resale values.

Kelley Blue Book’s Best Resale Value Awards is a great way to determine which vehicles will retain their value over time. With this in mind, it is important to consider the factors that can affect long-term vehicle values such as supply and demand dynamics, regional preferences for specific models, and automaker incentives impacting residual value.

Key Takeaway: Kelley Blue Book’s Best Resale Value Awards recognize brands and vehicles that excel in retaining their original values. Lexus has been awarded the top spot for its exceptional resale value performance, while Toyota stands out as a frontrunner among mainstream brands. Other noteworthy mentions include Honda CR-V, Ford Bronco, Subaru Crosstrek, Jeep Wrangler, Porsche Macan and GMC Yukon offering luxury ride experience in Denali trim making them attractive options when considering long-term financial implications like resale values.

Factors Affecting Long-Term Vehicle Values

Various factors influence a vehicle’s long-term value, such as supply and demand issues, regional preferences, and automaker incentives. By considering these elements when purchasing an SUV with high resale value potential, buyers can ensure they choose the right model based on current needs while also taking into account future financial implications like resale values.

Supply and Demand Dynamics

The balance between the amount of supply and demand has a major impact on an SUV’s residual worth. Models with a large consumer following tend to be more sought-after in the secondhand car market, thus commanding higher prices. On the other hand, vehicles with low production numbers or limited availability may also command higher prices because of their rarity. For example, Ford Bronco, which is known for its off-road capabilities and unique design cues has been experiencing strong demand since its launch.

Regional Preferences for Specific Models

Different regions often have varying preferences when it comes to specific makes or models of SUVs. In colder climates where snowfall is common during winter months, all-wheel-drive vehicles like Subaru Crosstrek might be more desirable than rear-wheel-drive alternatives due to their superior traction control systems. In cities where fuel prices are generally higher, hybrid models such as the Honda CR-V or Toyota Highlander Hybrid may be more desirable.

Automaker Incentives Impacting Residual Value

  • Cash Rebates: When automakers offer cash rebates on new vehicles, it can negatively impact the resale value of those models. This is because buyers who take advantage of these incentives end up paying less for their vehicle upfront, which in turn reduces its perceived worth in the used car market.
  • Low-Interest Financing: Offering low-interest financing options to customers can also have a similar effect on residual values. When consumers are able to finance their purchase at lower interest rates, they may be more inclined to trade-in or sell their SUV sooner than if they had higher monthly payments.
  • Lease Incentives: Lease deals with attractive terms and conditions could encourage lessees to return their leased vehicles at the end of the contract period rather than buying them outright. As a result, there might be an influx of off-lease SUVs entering the used car market, causing prices for certain models like Porsche Macan or Subaru Forester to drop due to increased supply.

In order to maximize your investment when purchasing an SUV with high resale value potential, it’s important not only consider factors such as brand reputation and model popularity but also keep an eye out for any manufacturer incentives that could affect long-term vehicle values down the line.

Supply-demand dynamics, regional inclinations for certain models, and maker incentives all contribute to determining the lasting worth of cars. By understanding these factors, car enthusiasts can make informed decisions when selecting an SUV with the highest resale value.

Key Takeaway: When purchasing an SUV with high resale value potential, buyers should consider factors such as supply and demand dynamics, regional preferences for specific models, and automaker incentives impacting residual value. Popular models tend to have higher resale values due to their increased desirability in the used car market while cash rebates or low-interest financing options can negatively impact a vehicle’s perceived worth. When investing in an SUV for the long haul, it is imperative to bear these components in mind.

Top Performing SUVs in Retaining Their Original Values

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According to KBB data, some of the highest performing SUVs in terms of five-year value retention include models that are praised for their reliability, fuel efficiency, user-friendly infotainment systems or luxurious rides offered by certain trims. Let’s take a closer look at these top contenders:

Toyota 4Runner leads with impressive retention rate

The Toyota 4Runner boasts an outstanding resale value, retaining 58.6% of its original sticker price after five years. The Subaru Crosstrek, known for its durability and off-road capability, is an ideal choice for those seeking outdoor adventures.

Subaru Crosstrek outperforms larger sibling Forester

Closely following the Toyota 4Runner is the Subaru Crosstrek, which retains an impressive 52.3% of its original value after five years. The Crosstrek offers excellent fuel economy and standard all-wheel drive, making it a popular choice among drivers seeking versatility and performance without sacrificing efficiency.

GMC Yukon offers luxury ride in Denali trim

Tying with the Subaru Forester at a solid 47.2% resale value after five years is the full-size GMC Yukon. With ample cargo space and a luxurious ride in its Denali trim, the Yukon is an appealing option for families seeking comfort and style.

These top-performing SUVs showcase how factors such as reliability, fuel efficiency, and user-friendly features can significantly impact resale values. By choosing one of these models, car enthusiasts and SUV drivers can maximize their return-on-investment during trade-ins or sales events.

Toyota 4Runner stands out as the top option when it comes to retaining its value on resale. Notable mentions among high-resale SUVs include Honda CR-V for fun driving and Toyota Highlander Hybrid for efficiency and space.

Notable Mentions Among High Resale Value SUVs

SUVs With the Best Resale Value After 5 Years, According to Data

In addition to the top-performing SUVs mentioned earlier, there are several other models that deserve recognition for their high resale values. These vehicles provide an enticing blend of features and capabilities, making them a great pick for SUV lovers as well as car fans.

Honda CR-V: Fun to Drive

The Honda CR-V is known for its enjoyable driving experience, thanks in part to its responsive handling and smooth ride quality. This compact crossover has consistently ranked among the best in its class when it comes to resale value. With a reputation for reliability and fuel efficiency, the Honda CR-V makes an attractive package that appeals to many buyers.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid: Efficient and Spacious

For a reliable and fuel-efficient option with plenty of cargo space, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid is an excellent choice. Its impressive fuel efficiency sets it apart from competitors while still offering plenty of room inside. The hybrid model’s strong resale value can be attributed not only to Toyota’s reputation but also due to increasing demand for environmentally friendly vehicles.

Jeep Grand Cherokee: Off-Roading Prowess

The Jeep Grand Cherokee stands out as one of the few off-road capable SUVS on this list while still providing comfort during everyday drives. Its rugged design combined with advanced technology features make it popular among those who enjoy both city driving and outdoor adventures. The Grand Cherokee 4xe, Jeep’s new plug-in hybrid variant, further amplifies its appeal and resale value with the ability to travel up to 26 miles on electric power alone. This new addition further enhances its appeal and resale value.

By considering these notable mentions along with the top-performing SUVs in terms of resale value, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision when purchasing your next vehicle. Take into account that other aspects, including brand name prestige, regional inclinations, and car maker incentives may also affect long-term worth.

The Honda CR-V, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, and Jeep Grand Cherokee are all noteworthy SUVs that possess a considerable secondhand worth. Moving on to the next heading, let’s explore how brand reputation affects resale values of these vehicles.

Key Takeaway: Highly sought-after SUVs such as the Honda CR-V, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, and Jeep Grand Cherokee boast impressive resale values. The Honda CR-V is known for its fun driving experience while the Toyota Highlander Hybrid offers fuel efficiency and ample cargo space. The Jeep Grand Cherokee stands apart as a SUV with impressive off-road capabilities, yet still providing a comfortable ride for everyday use.

The Impact of Brand Reputation on Resale Value

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When looking at purchasing an SUV with high resale value potential, it’s essential to consider factors such as brand reputation. Lexus and Toyota lead the pack in terms of overall brand performance, which plays a significant role in retaining original values over time. By choosing models from reputable brands, buyers can maximize their return-on-investment during trade-ins or sales events.

Lexus Earns Top Honors Among Luxury Brands

Lexus has consistently been recognized for its exceptional resale values due to its focus on quality craftsmanship and innovative technology. The luxury automaker offers attractive packages like the Lexus RX 350, which boasts impressive fuel efficiency and cargo space while maintaining a sleek design that appeals to car enthusiasts. In addition to these features, Lexus vehicles are known for their reliability and longevity, making them excellent options when considering long-term investments.

Toyota Leads Mainstream Brands

  • Honda CR-V: Known for being fun to drive with a spacious interior layout and user-friendly infotainment system.
  • Ford Bronco: A popular choice among off-road SUVs due to its rugged capabilities combined with modern amenities.
  • Porsche Macan: Combines sporty handling characteristics with luxurious appointments in an attractive package that holds up well over time.
  • GMC Yukon: Offers ample seating capacity along with powerful engine options that make it ideal for families who need extra room without sacrificing style or performance.

In addition to these popular models, Toyota offers a wide range of vehicles that cater to various needs and preferences. For example, the Toyota 4Runner is an excellent choice for those seeking off-road capabilities while maintaining high resale values. On the other hand, eco-conscious drivers may opt for the fuel-efficient Toyota Highlander Hybrid, which boasts ample cargo space and a comfortable ride.

Ultimately, choosing an SUV from a reputable brand like Lexus or Toyota can help ensure your investment retains its value over time. When selecting a car, consider its dependability, operation and general appeal to make sure you get one that meets your present requirements and long-term financial objectives.

Brand reputation is a key factor in determining resale value, and Lexus leads the way among luxury brands. By following some simple tips for maintaining high resale values, drivers can ensure their SUVs hold their worth over time.

Key Takeaway: When considering an SUV with high resale value, brand reputation is a crucial factor to consider. Lexus and Toyota are known for their exceptional quality craftsmanship, innovative technology, reliability, and longevity. Choosing a vehicle from these reputable brands can maximize your return-on-investment during trade-ins or sales events.

Tips for Maintaining High Resale Values

In addition to selecting the right model based on current needs and long-term financial implications like resale values, maintaining good care practices is crucial. Maintaining good care practices can help your SUV stay in great condition and maintain its value.

Keep interiors clean by avoiding smoking inside

One of the simplest ways to maintain high resale values is by keeping your vehicle’s interior clean. This includes avoiding smoking inside, as it can leave lingering odors that are difficult to remove and may decrease potential buyers’ interest. Additionally, regular vacuuming and wiping down surfaces will help keep your SUV looking fresh and well-maintained.

Refrain from adding unnecessary accessories

While personalizing your vehicle with aftermarket modifications or accessories might seem appealing at first, doing so could negatively impact future sale prices. Many potential buyers prefer a stock vehicle without any alterations that they need to reverse or adjust themselves. To maximize resale value, consider limiting customization efforts or focusing on easily reversible changes such as window tinting or removable seat covers.

Perform regular maintenance checks

Maintaining a consistent service schedule is essential for preserving an SUV’s overall health – which directly affects its resale value. Ensure timely oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, and other necessary maintenance tasks are completed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations found in the owner’s manual.
To further demonstrate proper upkeep during trade-ins or sales events,maintain detailed records of all service visits, including receipts and invoices. This documentation will provide evidence of your commitment to maintaining the vehicle’s condition, which can positively influence its resale value.

Choose a popular color

While it may seem like a minor detail, the color of your SUV can impact its resale value. Neutral colors such as white, black, and silver tend to be more desirable in the used car market than bold or unusual hues. By opting for a widely accepted color when purchasing your SUV, you increase the likelihood that potential buyers will find it appealing – ultimately helping maintain higher resale values.

Taking these steps into consideration when caring for your SUV will not only ensure it remains in excellent condition but also maximize its potential resale value over time. A well-preserved automobile can be a desirable option for those searching for dependability and superiority at an equitable cost.

Key Takeaway: To maintain high resale values for your SUV, keep the interiors clean, avoid adding unnecessary accessories and choose a popular color. Regular maintenance checks are also crucial to preserving its overall health and maximizing its potential resale value over time. A vehicle that is taken care of properly can be an attractive option for purchasers who desire dependability and excellence at a sensible cost.

Frequently Asked Questions Suv With the Highest Resale Vaule

What car has the highest resell value?

The Toyota Tacoma consistently ranks as the vehicle with the highest resale value. It retains approximately 61.8% of its original price after five years, making it a great investment for buyers looking to sell in the future. Other top contenders include Jeep Wrangler and GMC Sierra.

What company sells the most SUVs?

In recent years, Toyota has been leading in global SUV sales, thanks to popular models like RAV4 and Highlander. However, other automakers such as Honda, Ford, and Chevrolet also have strong SUV lineups that contribute significantly to their overall sales numbers.

Does Range Rover hold its value?

Range Rovers tend to depreciate faster than some competitors due to higher maintenance costs and perceived reliability issues. However, specific trims or limited editions may retain their value better over time. Proper care and maintenance can help improve resale values for any vehicle.

Why is SUV on high demand?

SUVs are in high demand because they offer versatility, ample cargo space, elevated driving position for better visibility, towing capabilities and often come with advanced safety features. Additionally, lower gas prices have contributed to increased consumer interest in larger vehicles like SUVs.


Overall, SUVs with high resale values can be a great investment for car enthusiasts and SUV drivers. Not only do SUVs with high resale values provide more features than other vehicles, but they can also keep their worth over time. To maximize the return on your investment, be sure to research what features indicate a high resale value in an SUV and how best to maintain it. With these tips in mind, you’re sure to find a reliable vehicle that will hold its worth long after it leaves the dealership lot.

Discover the best SUVs with the highest resale value and compare prices to find your perfect fit. Make an informed decision today to get a great deal on your next vehicle purchase!

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