Most Dog Friendly SUVs: Ultimate Guide for Pet Owners

Dog Friendly SUVs aren’t just about spacious interiors and rugged exteriors.

In fact, the needs of your furry friends often go beyond these basic features.

From cargo space to safety measures, every detail counts when it comes to accommodating our canine companions in an SUV. But knowing what makes a vehicle truly dog-friendly is where many pet owners hit a roadblock.

It’s not shocking that not all SUVs are designed to be pet-friendly, making it difficult for dog owners to identify what makes a vehicle truly suitable. Hence why we’re delving into the intricacies of Most Dog Friendly SUVs.

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Key Factors to Consider for Dog-Friendly SUVs

Dog owners understand the need for ample storage space in their vehicles. After all, our four-legged friends deserve comfort during rides just as much as we do. But what does it take to ensure an SUV is truly dog-friendly?

“A generous cargo area and foldable rear seats can provide plenty of room not only for dogs but also their necessities. The cubic feet available in the cargo hold are vital.”

The Importance of Adequate Space

Adequate space isn’t just about comfort – it’s a safety issue too. Dogs cramped into tight spaces can experience stress and discomfort, which may lead to health problems over time.

“The vehicle should offer sufficient cargo capacity designed with pets in mind.”

– VCA Hospitals

Ensuring Easy Access For Your Canine Companion

Ease-of-access plays a significant role when considering dog-friendly features within an SUV design. Low floorboards allow dogs easy access without straining themselves – particularly important for older or arthritic animals.

Hatchbacks are another great feature that offers wide openings at the back allowing large breeds or multiple pets easy entry and exit from the car. This reduces risks associated with lifting heavier animals incorrectly, says American Kennel Club.

Safety Features for Dog-Friendly SUVs

Beyond convenience factors like storage space and ease-of-access, safety measures play a pivotal role in making an SUV genuinely suitable for dogs. ‘Childproof locks’ on rear doors/windows prevent accidental opening while driving, a key consideration shared by Humane Society’s safe travel tips guide.

Keeping Your Pet Secure with Tie-Down Hooks:

Tie-down hooks serve as secure attachment points where pet crates/carriers can be fixed, preventing them from moving around during transit.

Safety Features for Dog-Friendly SUVs

Ensuring the safety of your canine companion during travel involves more than just buckling up. The vehicle you choose plays a crucial role, and some features are specifically designed to enhance pet safety.

Keeping Your Pet Secure with Tie-Down Hooks

The tie-down hooks in an SUV serve as vital anchors for securing your dog’s carrier or crate. By preventing it from shifting or sliding around while driving, these hooks can greatly reduce the risk of injury to both your pet and other passengers.

Tie-down hook quality and placement matter significantly. Ideally, they should be robust enough to withstand sudden movements and strategically located within the vehicle for optimal use.

Rear doors and windows equipped with childproof locks also contribute immensely towards ensuring pet safety by eliminating any chance of accidental opening by curious paws during transit.

Deciding between AWD and 4WD is essential when transporting pets, as both systems provide improved traction for greater stability

If you frequently travel with pets, understanding whether all-wheel drive (AWD) or four-wheel drive (4WD) is better suited for your needs is important. Both systems offer improved traction, which enhances overall stability – essential when transporting our furry friends.

Differentiating between AWD and 4WD vehicles helps us understand their performance under varying conditions such as wet roads or snowy terrains – situations we often encounter on trips to parks or vets, making this knowledge particularly useful.

Regardless of choosing AWD or 4WD drivetrain, remember that neither replaces safe driving habits nor negates the need to implement other critical safety measures like using containment barriers designed especially for dogs.

Consumer Reports underscores the dangers associated with unrestrained pets, posing risks to both drivers and passengers alike, reinforcing the importance of employing adequate safety precautions.

Key Takeaway: 

Choosing the right SUV for your furry friend involves more than just aesthetics. Look out for tie-down hooks to secure pet carriers, childproof locks on rear doors and windows to prevent accidental openings, and a suitable drivetrain (AWD or 4WD) based on your travel needs.

Climate Control in Dog-Friendly SUVs: More Than Just Comfort

The journey with our four-legged friends becomes a memorable experience when their comfort is prioritized. One of the key features that contribute to this comfort, especially for larger breeds like Great Danes, is climate control.

“With Tri-Zone Climate Control, you can maintain separate temperature zones within your vehicle which is particularly beneficial while traveling with pets.”

– Expert Pet Traveler

This advanced technology provides an optimal environment for keeping dogs comfortable during travel by ensuring consistent airflow and reducing risks associated with overheating or chilling – common issues faced by pets on the road.

The Perks of Having Tri-Zone Climate Control In Your Vehicle

Taking care of your furry friend’s needs doesn’t stop at providing them space. It extends to maintaining their body temperatures too because unlike humans, dogs don’t have efficient body temperature regulation mechanisms; they rely heavily on panting or external cooling methods.

  1. A tri-zone climate control system allows different temperature settings in three distinct areas: the driver’s seat, the front passenger’s seat, and the rear seats/cargo area. This means you can adjust the cargo area’s climate according to your pet’s needs without compromising yours or other passengers’ comfort levels.
  2. In addition to enhancing your pet’s comfort level during travels, it also significantly reduces health risks related to extreme weather conditions.
  3. SUV models equipped with such systems offer an additional layer of safety for your dog, making long journeys less stressful for both you and your canine companion.

Why Separate Cargo Areas With Their Own Climate Controls Are Optimal?

Dogs are part of our families, but they do have unique requirements, especially when we take them along on trips. A separate cargo area designed specifically considering these needs does wonders.

Having a space just for them does wonders for their comfort and peace of mind – animals love it. And if that area has its own climate controls? Even better. This way, they always get steady airflow.

Key Takeaway: 

When hitting the road with your pooch, their comfort is king. With SUVs featuring Tri-Zone Climate Control, you can set different temperatures for driver’s seat, front passenger’s seat and rear seats/cargo area – a godsend for our furry friends who aren’t as adept at regulating body temperature. This advanced tech ensures consistent airflow and minimizes risks.

Most Dog Friendly SUVs: Ultimate Guide for Pet Owners

For pet owners seeking an SUV for their furry friend, there are several features to look out for that ensure comfort and safety. You’ll want a vehicle that offers ample space, durability, and safety measures to ensure your dog’s comfort and well-being during car rides. In this ultimate guide, we’ll explore the most dog friendly SUVs on the market, highlighting their top features and benefits for pet owners.

SUV Models Suitable for Large Dogs

Large dogs, such as the Great Dane, require a spacious and comfortable environment when traveling. It is essential to pick an SUV that can provide ample space and the needed safety elements for your big pup. Here are two top models that cater to the needs of large breeds:

The Spacious Subaru Forester: Best Small SUV for Dogs

If you’re looking for a small SUV that still offers plenty of room for your large dog, the Subaru Forester is an excellent choice. Its durable interior can withstand the wear and tear that comes with having a dog in the car, and its expansive cargo hold ensures a comfortable ride for your furry friend.

“The Onyx Edition of the Subaru Forester introduces pet-friendly perks like water-repellant StarTex upholstery which significantly eases worries about rainy day trips or accidental spills.”

– Dog Owner’s Guide to Traveling with Pets

Additionally, the Onyx Edition of the Subaru Forester includes a rear seatback protector to keep your seats scratch-free from your dog’s excited paws.

The Roomy Subaru Ascent: Best 3-Row SUV for Dogs

If you have a larger breed or multiple dogs, the Subaru Ascent is a top choice. This three-row SUV offers ample space for your furry companions, ensuring they have plenty of room to stretch out during long journeys. The Subaru Ascent also prioritizes safety, providing peace of mind for pet owners.

“Its ample seating, coupled with top-notch handling, makes it one of the comfiest choices around.”

Key Takeaway: 

When hunting for the perfect dog-friendly SUV, consider factors like space, durability and safety. Top picks include the Subaru Forester and Ascent; both provide roomy interiors to accommodate your canine companion’s needs. With features such as water-repellant upholstery and rear seatback protectors, these models ensure a comfortable journey while keeping pet-induced wear at bay.

SUV Models Suitable For Small Dogs

Transporting small dogs requires a vehicle that combines compactness with ample space. The right choice of SUV or compact crossover should cater to the needs of your furry friend without sacrificing style and functionality.

The Compact Yet Spacious Kia Soul Best Affordable Car For Dogs

A standout in affordable cars, the Kia Soul is designed with dog owners in mind. Its compact size belies an interior spacious enough for smaller breeds, offering plenty of room even when you install comfortable crates to ensure safe travel conditions for your pet.

In addition to its roomy cabin, the Kia Soul comes with easy-to-clean surfaces – a feature much appreciated by those dealing with potential messes from their canine companions. With rear ventilation maintaining cool temperatures in the back seat during warmer months, it emerges as an excellent option for those owning small dogs.

The Quiet Hyundai Kona Electric Best EV For Dogs

If electric vehicles (EVs) are on your radar, don’t overlook the Hyundai Kona Electric. It’s not just environmentally friendly but also remarkably suitable for transporting sensitive pups due to its quiet ride, which helps keep stress levels low during short or long journeys.

Beyond being smooth-running and hushed, this model offers generous cargo capacity despite falling under the category of a compact SUV. After installing cozy beds or crates necessary while traveling with small dogs who cherish their personal spaces intact wherever they go, there’s still sufficient room left.

This particular EV stands out further by providing extended range between charges, making it convenient if longer trips are common with your four-legged friends.

Dog-Friendly Features To Look Out For In Compact Crossovers & SUVs

  • Easy to Access: Compact crossovers and SUVs with lower heights are a breeze for smaller legs and bodies to hop in and out of, making them less taxing.

Key Takeaway: 

When it comes to transporting your small canine companions, the Kia Soul and Hyundai Kona Electric are top contenders. The compact yet roomy interiors of these SUVs offer ample space for crates or beds, ensuring a comfortable journey for your furry friends. Plus, easy-to-clean surfaces and quiet rides make them perfect choices for pet owners.

Discovering Fuel-Efficient SUVs That Are Dog-Friendly

Finding a fuel-efficient SUV that’s also pet-friendly is possible, though it may seem daunting. There are models out there that successfully combine impressive gas mileage with pet-friendly features.

A Look at the Tesla Model X: Efficiency Redefined

The electric revolution in automobiles has brought us vehicles like the Tesla Model X, which excels in miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe). This all-electric luxury performance-oriented SUV offers up to 105 MPGe combined city/highway driving, making it a leader in fuel economy among its peers.

But what truly sets this vehicle apart from others is its unique Dog Mode feature. This setting maintains a comfortable cabin temperature for your pets when they’re left alone inside during extreme weather conditions – quite handy indeed.

Fuel Economy Beyond Electric: Hybrid And Gas-Powered Options

If you’re not ready to go fully electric, don’t worry. There are other options available that combine good gas mileage with canine comfort. Hybrid or efficient gasoline-powered vehicles can be great alternatives too.

An example of this is the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, which delivers around 40 MPG on combined city/highway driving while offering ample cargo space ideal for large dogs or multiple smaller ones.

In addition, the Subaru Outback also proves itself as a non-hybrid choice by providing decent gas mileage numbers despite being powered solely by petrol engines. Its spacious interiors coupled with wide rear doors make it easy even for larger breeds to get in and out comfortably – another fantastic economical yet pet-accommodating ride worth considering.

Striking a balance between these two aspects can feel tricky since high-performance cars tend to consume more energy, thereby reducing their overall MPG values. However, many manufacturers have started paying attention to designing vehicles that deliver the best of both worlds: a better environmental footprint, lower running costs, and ensuring the comfort and safety of our four-legged companions.

But don’t jump to conclusions. A plush interior doesn’t necessarily mean less space for your furry friend, Fido.

Key Takeaway: 

Finding a fuel-efficient, dog-friendly SUV is not as daunting as it seems. The Tesla Model X leads the pack with its impressive MPGe and unique Dog Mode feature for pet comfort. For those not ready to go fully electric, hybrids like the Toyota RAV4 or gas-powered vehicles such as Subaru Outback offer good mileage and spacious interiors for your furry friends.

FAQs in Relation to Dog Friendly SUVs

What is the best SUV for a dog?

The Subaru Forester stands out as an excellent choice due to its spacious cargo hold, durable interior, and strong safety features.

Are SUVs better for dogs?

SUVs often offer more space and easier access, making them preferable when transporting larger or multiple dogs.

What is the best vehicle to transport multiple dogs?

The Subaru Ascent, with its ample room and strong safety features, is ideal for comfortably accommodating multiple dogs.

What vehicles have dog mode?

Tesla’s Model X comes equipped with a ‘Dog Mode’ feature that maintains comfortable cabin temperatures, ensuring your pet’s well-being during travel.


Choosing the right SUV for your furry friend involves more than just picking a spacious vehicle.

You’ve learned that adequate space, easy access, and safety measures are all crucial aspects to consider when looking for dog-friendly SUVs.

We also discussed how tri-zone climate control can keep your pet comfortable during rides.

SUV models like the Subaru Forester and Ascent have proven their worth for large dogs with ample room and robust safety features.

On the other hand, compact yet spacious vehicles like the Kia Soul or Hyundai Kona Electric provide an ideal ride for smaller breeds.

Fuel economy is another factor you shouldn’t overlook; the Tesla Model X stands out in this regard without compromising on any pet-friendly features.

There’s much more to explore about Most Dog Friendly SUVs! For detailed reviews of new SUVs and prices tailored to meet your canine companion’s needs, visit Find the perfect match for both you and your best four-legged friend today!