Finding the Best SUV for Large Dogs: Comfort and Space Guide

Have you ever attempted to cram a Great Dane into a tiny vehicle? It’s about as comfortable as trying to squeeze into last year’s skinny jeans after holiday feasting. The quest for the best suv for large dogs can feel just as tricky, but it doesn’t have to be.

Dog lovers understand that our four-legged friends aren’t merely pets; they’re family. So, we need vehicles with ample room and features that cater specifically to them – think spacious cargo areas, foldable rear seats for those extra-long naps on road trips, pet loadspace protection packs to save your interiors from muddy paws and slobber…

Not only does a well-picked SUV make every trip smoother, it also keeps you safe in the event of a crash. So hang tight! I’m about to dish out all the details on why an SUV is just right for your furry friends.

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Best SUVs for Large Dogs

If you’re a pup parent, particularly of bigger breeds, selecting the right ride is essential. A spacious and comfortable vehicle can make your canine companion’s ride enjoyable. In 2023, Autotrader listed some best cars for dogs, which included several SUV models.

Autotrader’s Top Picks

The Audi Q3 topped their list as an ideal choice due to its ample cargo area that accommodates even the largest dogs with ease. It offers a compact crossover design but doesn’t compromise on space or comfort.

Moving onto other recommendations, we have Ford Bronco Sport – another excellent pick by Autotrader. With generous rear seat room and robust build quality, it stands out as one of the best-suited vehicles for larger breeds like Saint Bernards or Great Danes.

Next up in line is Honda Pilot – praised not just by dog lovers but also families thanks to its vast boot capacity accommodating all family members including four-legged ones.

Hyundai Venue’s wide-opening rear hatch allows easy access while Kia Soul’s boxy shape provides lots of headroom making them both popular among large dog owners.

Journeying Onwards…

No surprise here. Jeep Grand Cherokee L made it to this esteemed list too; credit goes to its spacious passenger cabin and versatile cargo floor perfect for a furry friend who loves exploring new places along with you.

We couldn’t forget Subaru Forester when talking about pet-friendly cars now could we? Its flat load floor once rear seats are folded makes way for your big boy/girl comfortably stretch out during long rides.. Bonus: It has been fully redesigned for 2023.

Speaking of redesigns, Tesla Model Y’s ‘dog mode’ is a unique feature ensuring your pet’s comfort by maintaining an ideal temperature in the cargo area. Now that’s what we call dog-friendly car technology.

Last but Not Least

And don’t forget about the Toyota Sienna and Volvo V60 Cross Country – they’ve also snagged spots on Autotrader’s top picks. Both vehicles boast spacious trunks, giving you plenty of room for a cozy dog bed or even two if you’re traveling with more than one furry friend.

Key Takeaway: 

Choosing the right car for large dogs is essential, and SUVs like Audi Q3, Ford Bronco Sport, Honda Pilot offer ample space and comfort. Models such as Hyundai Venue and Kia Soul are also popular due to their easy access rear hatch and roomy interiors respectively. Jeep Grand Cherokee L is loved for its spacious cabin. And let’s not forget Subaru Forester with its flat load floor that makes it an ideal choice.

Spacious SUVs for Large Dogs

If you’re a large dog owner, your furry companion’s comfort during car rides is a priority. The right amount of cargo space can make all the difference.

The Importance of Cargo Space

Dogs are like family, and just as you wouldn’t cram your kids into an uncomfortable back seat, it’s essential to give dogs enough room to stretch out.

A generous cargo area not only ensures comfort but also keeps our four-legged friends safe while on the move. Larger breeds need more boot space – something that many compact crossovers or sports cars might lack.

Luckily for us dog lovers, some SUVs have been designed with this in mind. Autotrader’s 2023 Best Cars for Dog Lovers list highlights vehicles such as the Honda Pilot and Jeep Grand Cherokee L known for their spacious interiors.

  • Honda Pilot: With rear seats folded down, its whopping cubic feet storage capacity turns into a large boot perfect for bigger breeds. Plus, it comes standard with features like rear-seat climate control, making sure your pet stays comfortable no matter how long the ride is.
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee L: This model has ample cargo floor space even when all three rows are up – let alone when they’re folded. Additionally, this vehicle offers owners plenty of useful accessories, including dog guards which provide extra safety during travel.

Besides these two models listed above from Autotrader’s top picks list, Land Rover Discovery takes dog-friendly design to a new level. It has introduced a range of optional accessories as part of its ‘Pet Loadspace Protection Pack’. These include boot liners and rubber mats, perfect for protecting the car’s interior from muddy paws.

But what if you’re a proud owner of not just one, but several large dogs? Don’t sweat it. The Subaru Outback is your perfect solution. The Outback provides a vast 75.7 cubic feet of space when the backseats are folded, enough for your animal companions to relax during their journey.

Key Takeaway: 

For large dog owners, a spacious SUV is key to keeping your pet comfortable and safe during rides. Generous cargo areas like those found in the Honda Pilot or Jeep Grand Cherokee L are perfect for bigger breeds. Consider optional accessories such as boot liners or rubber mats for added protection against muddy paws. And if you’re part of a multi-dog household, think about going with something like the Subaru Outback—it’s roomy enough for all your furry friends.

SUVs with Dog-Friendly Features

As a pup parent, you want to guarantee that your four-legged buddy is as secure and cozy in the car just like everybody else. SUVs have been stepping up their game by introducing features specifically designed for our canine companions.

Innovative Pet Accessories in Modern SUVs

Let’s look at some innovative pet accessories available today that enhance comfort and safety during travel. One such feature gaining popularity is ‘dog mode’, a climate control system ensuring optimal temperature for dogs when left inside the car momentarily.

The Land Rover Discovery, known for its luxurious amenities, takes it further with its optional Pet Loadspace Protection Pack. This pack includes features like a full-height luggage partition and quilted loadspace liner to keep both pets and passengers happy on long drives.

The Honda CR-V offers another practical solution – an integrated rear ramp allowing larger or older dogs easy access into the cargo area without any jumping or lifting required from you.

A lot of these features might seem unnecessary but consider this: Would you let your child loose in a moving car? Of course not. So why should we treat our four-legged friends any differently?

If anything, taking extra steps to secure them will only make journeys more enjoyable for everyone involved while also ensuring their safety if there were ever an unfortunate event crash.

Pet-Specific Modifications & Customizations

Beyond standard factory offerings, aftermarket options allow even greater customization based on specific needs. For instance, boot liners are handy additions providing added protection against dirty paws or accidental spills – no more worrying about ruining your car’s interior.

Then there are custom-fit dog guards, offering a safer and more secure option than traditional loose dog barriers. They keep our canine friends safely contained in the cargo area, preventing them from distracting you while driving.

So when you’re planning your next journey, remember that these pet-specific features not only boost safety but also make both short vet visits and longer family outings less stressful. This makes for a smoother experience overall.

Key Takeaway: 

When you’re on the hunt for that perfect SUV to fit your big dog, don’t forget to keep comfort and safety at the top of your list. Nifty features like ‘dog mode’ temperature control or Land Rover’s Pet Loadspace Protection Pack really kick up both a notch. The Honda CR-V even comes with a built-in rear ramp which makes getting older or larger dogs in and out much easier. Don’t rule out aftermarket options either – things like boot liners are great for keeping messes contained, while custom-fit dog guards offer an extra layer of security.

Top SUVs for Large Dog Owners

The Tesla Model Y, Land Rover Discovery, and Subaru Outback are among the most popular choices for large dog owners. Each offers unique features that cater to your four-legged friend’s needs.

Tesla Model Y: The Tech-Savvy Choice

Tesla Model Y, a fully redesigned compact crossover with ‘dog mode’, ensures a comfortable temperature in the passenger cabin while you’re away. Its spacious cargo area can accommodate even the largest of dogs when rear seats are folded down. Plus, it’s an all-electric plug-in hybrid – perfect if you’re environmentally conscious.

Land Rover Discovery: For Adventurous Pooches

If your canine companion loves outdoor adventures as much as you do, consider Land Rover Discovery. This vehicle stands out with its optional Pet Loadspace Protection Pack including dog guards which provide safety and keep loose dog hair from invading the car’s interior. It also boasts one of the largest boots on our list – around 1,137 litres boot capacity when second row is folded flat. Your furry pal will appreciate stretching out here after an active day at the beach or park.

Subaru Outback: Safety First

A common concern among pet parents is their fur baby’s safety during travel. That’s where Subaru Outback comes into play. Apart from having ample space (up to 75 cubic feet) for big breeds when back seats are laid flat, this vehicle is renowned for its advanced safety features. It includes standard event crash prevention systems and offers a pet-friendly cargo liner to protect your car’s interior from muddy paws.

Jeep Wrangler: The Off-Road Option

tumble rides with ease, making it perfect for your adventures. Check out the Jeep Wrangler if you’re all about off-roading and want a vehicle that can take a beating.

Key Takeaway: 

For tech-savvy pet owners, the Tesla Model Y is a top choice with its ‘dog mode’ and ample cargo space. The Land Rover Discovery is ideal for adventurous dogs, offering a Pet Loadspace Protection Pack and spacious boot. Safety-conscious owners might lean towards the Subaru Outback, renowned for its advanced safety features and roomy interior. And if you’re still on the fence about which car suits your furry friend best, remember that comfort, safety features, and plenty of space are key considerations.

SUVs for Traveling with Large Dogs

Traveling with large dogs in an SUV can be a real adventure, but the right vehicle makes all the difference. When it comes to trips over a long distance, your pooch’s comfort is just as essential as yours. Let’s consider some essential features and accessories that make traveling easier.

Travel Crates and Their Importance

A good travel crate isn’t just about containment; it also provides safety and security for your furry companion on road trips. They’re particularly useful when you need to manage muddy paws after a fun day at the park.

The size of the crate matters too – especially if you own larger breeds like German Shepherds or Great Danes. An adequately sized crate ensures they have enough room to stand up, turn around comfortably, making their journey more pleasant. The American Kennel Club suggests choosing one based on your dog’s adult size rather than its current puppy size.

In addition to crates, another crucial aspect is the rear seat space of an SUV which often serves as a makeshift area for our canine companions during travels. According to U.S News & World Report, models such as Honda CR-V are well-regarded by dog owners due to their spacious rear seats and cargo areas which allow ample room even when seats are folded down.

Friendly Features: Climate Control & Pet Accessories

Certain pet-friendly features add value while traveling with dogs. For instance, climate control systems ensure your pet remains comfortable throughout the journey by maintaining a consistent temperature in the cargo area. SUVs like Tesla Model Y offer ‘Dog Mode’ that keeps air conditioning running even when you’re out of the car.

Then there’s also what Land Rover offers – a Pet Loadspace Protection Pack which includes boot liners and dog guards to keep your vehicle clean while ensuring safety for loose dogs during an event crash. Land Rover’s innovative pack ensures protection for both pets and car’s interior during travel.

The Room Factor: Why Spacious SUVs Matter?

When it comes to SUV models, there’s a lot to consider. From compact crossovers to full-size family haulers, each model has its unique strengths and features. No matter what type of SUV you need, there is sure to be one that meets your requirements with the wide variety available.

Key Takeaway: 

Traveling with large dogs requires the right SUV. Key factors include a spacious rear seat and cargo area, such as in the Honda CR-V, along with travel crates for safety and comfort. Extra features like climate control systems and pet protection packs also add value. So when choosing an SUV, consider your furry friend’s needs alongside yours.

SUVs with Ample Room for Large Breeds

When it comes to large dogs, size matters – and we’re not just talking about the dog. The SUV you choose can make a huge difference in your four-legged friend’s comfort and safety during car rides.

Why Space Matters for Larger Breeds

Larger breeds like German Shepherds or Great Danes need more than just a backseat. They require ample room to stretch out, especially on longer journeys. If cramped up, these big guys can develop joint issues over time due to uncomfortable positions.

The amount of space available in an SUV is often measured by cargo area volume when rear seats are folded down. But keep in mind that your furry companion will likely be traveling with the rear seats up if they’re sharing their ride with human passengers too.

Cargo areas vary significantly among different models of SUVs – from compact crossovers providing around 70 cubic feet (ft³) all the way up to full-size models offering over 100 ft³. For instance, Honda CR-V provides about 76 ft³ while Land Rover Discovery offers nearly double at around 140 ft³.

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Best Spacious Models for Large Dogs

In terms of spaciousness specifically catered towards larger breeds’ needs; Land Rover Discovery shines bright as a top contender thanks to its massive cargo capacity and innovative pet loadspace protection pack. This helps keep both your vehicle’s interior and your dog safe.

The Tesla Model Y, with its fully redesigned spacious rear seats and ‘dog mode’ feature, also provides ample room for larger breeds. Its ‘Dog Mode’ even ensures a comfortable temperature in the car when you need to step out briefly.

Cargo Floor Matters Too.

Not just the space, but also the height of the cargo floor matters a lot. Lower floors are better because they let big dogs jump in and out easily. This way, they don’t strain their joints or risk getting hurt – something that’s especially important as they get older. SUVs like Honda CR make sure this is taken care of.

Key Takeaway: 

When choosing an SUV for large dogs, consider not only the cargo area volume but also features designed for pet comfort and safety. Models like Land Rover Discovery and Tesla Model Y stand out due to their spacious interiors and pet-friendly features. Remember, a low cargo floor can help prevent joint strain in your big furry friends.

SUVs with All-Wheel Drive for Dog Owners

For dog owners, all-wheel-drive SUVs offer the stability and safety needed when traveling with your four-legged friend. A stable vehicle not only keeps your furry companion secure but also helps to prevent any potential accidents.

The Safety Benefits of All-Wheel Drive

AWD distributes power from the engine to all four wheels, making it possible for drivers to safely traverse difficult roads like mud, snow, or ice. AWD can make it simpler to traverse tricky streets, such as slushy snow or slippery ice. For dog owners, this means safer travels during unpredictable weather conditions or on rough terrain. Edmund’s guide on AWD vs 4WD provides more insight into why you might prefer an AWD vehicle.

An additional benefit of an all-wheel-drive system in your SUV is its impact on handling and cornering ability. It improves traction which lets you maintain better control over the car even if Fido gets excited about seeing another canine out of the window.

All-Wheel Drive Options Ideal for Large Dogs

If we look at popular models among large dog owners, Subaru Outback stands out as one great option due to its spacious cargo area and comfortable rear seats – perfect features for our big buddies. Plus it comes standard with symmetrical full-time All-Wheel Drive. Subaru’s official website gives us more details about these handy attributes.

The Land Rover Discovery too offers a smooth ride thanks to its efficient all-wheel drive system combined with ample boot capacity. It’s an SUV that guarantees both style and practicality, a combination not often found. Land Rover’s official page can tell you more about this.

The Tesla Model Y also secures a spot on the list, thanks to its dual motor all-wheel drive system. This feature offers top-notch traction control and plenty of cargo space when you fold down the rear seats. With this compact electric crossover, you can rest easy knowing your large dog will have ample room—and it’s eco-friendly too.

Key Takeaway: 

Traveling with your large dog becomes safer and more comfortable in an all-wheel-drive SUV. These vehicles offer stability, better handling, and can tackle challenging road conditions. Popular choices include the spacious Subaru Outback, stylish Land Rover Discovery, and eco-friendly Tesla Model Y – each offering unique benefits for you and your furry friend.

SUVs with Enhanced Safety Features for Dogs

Beneath the surface of any journey with your furry companion, safety should be an utmost priority. Many modern SUVs have taken this into account and offer enhanced features designed specifically to keep your pet safe during travel.

Standard Features That Enhance Pet Safety

A major element of vehicles that are pet-friendly is the safety measures they possess. A key feature found in many models is event crash prevention systems, which work by sensing potential collisions before they happen and taking necessary actions such as applying the brakes or tightening seat belts.

This advanced technology can significantly reduce the risk of injury not just for you but also for your canine companion riding in the backseat or cargo area. But that’s not all. Some SUV manufacturers go even further when it comes to protecting our furry friends on the road.

The Land Rover Discovery, for example, offers a unique ‘Pet Loadspace Protection Pack’. This includes features like a partition barrier separating the passenger cabin from cargo space and quilted loadspace liner covering car boot floor — providing extra protection against sudden stops or turns.

The addition of these protective elements helps ensure that Fido stays put safely regardless if you need to make an abrupt stop or navigate through some rough terrain. They’re incredibly helpful if you’ve got an adventurous pup who loves moving around while on drives.

Dog Guards – An Essential Accessory?

You might think dog guards are simply useful tools meant only to keep your pooch contained within one area inside the vehicle – preventing them from jumping onto rear seats during drive time (or giving surprise kisses.). But there’s more value behind this seemingly simple accessory.

Dog guards, especially when coupled with a sturdy cargo liner, can provide an extra layer of protection during travel. They act as barriers to prevent your pet from being thrown forward in the event of sudden braking or collision. In fact, they’re considered so important that many SUV manufacturers offer them as part of their standard features.

Protection Packs – A Wise Investment?

their vehicles. This pack includes a partition, to keep your pet secure in the trunk, and a durable liner to protect against dirt or damage. It’s clear that Land Rover Discovery understands the importance of making our furry friends feel at home on every journey.

Key Takeaway: 

Traveling with your big furry buddy? Safety’s a must. Modern SUVs get this, offering cool features to keep pets safe. Think crash prevention systems and pet protection packs like in the Land Rover Discovery. Plus, dog guards aren’t just for keeping Fido from hopping up front – they’re extra safety layers too.

SUVs with Stylish Interiors for Dog Lovers

When it comes to transporting your furry companion, a spacious and comfortable SUV is essential. But who said practicality couldn’t come with style? Luxury cars like the Tesla Model Y and Land Rover Discovery have proven otherwise.

Luxury Meets Practicality

The Tesla Model Y, an all-electric compact crossover, doesn’t compromise on either luxury or dog-friendly features. Its stylish interior includes vegan leather seats that are easy to clean after muddy paw prints make their mark. The large boot provides plenty of room for big dogs or multiple small dogs.

Beyond just space, the Tesla Model Y also offers ‘Dog Mode’. This feature maintains a comfortable temperature in the passenger cabin when you need to step out of the car briefly – making sure your canine companion stays cool on hot days.

Moving over to another epitome of luxury – the Land Rover Discovery. This mid-size luxury SUV not only boasts premium interiors but also takes into account pet loadspace protection packs as part of its standard features. From tailored quilted loadspace liners that protect against scratches and spills, partitioning accessories such as full-height dog guards ensure safety while giving owners plenty of cargo area options depending upon their needs.

What’s more? The Land Rover Discovery has incorporated thoughtful touches like an optional air suspension system which can lower itself at rest for easier access by older or smaller dogs. It’s clear they’ve put some serious thought into creating a car designed around both human comfort and canine convenience.

It’s no wonder these two vehicles have become popular choices among dog lovers. They demonstrate that you don’t need to sacrifice style and luxury when looking for a dog-friendly car. These autos offer more than just a convenient way to get around; they provide a comfortable, safe and enjoyable ride for your canine companions while keeping the vehicle clean and odor-free.

These SUVs, with their stylish interiors and practical features tailored for pets, are perfect for any dog owner. Whether you have a big pooch or a small pup, these cars offer an ideal blend of comfort and convenience that will make every trip enjoyable.

Key Takeaway: 

These luxury SUVs are really setting the bar high. They’re combining style with dog-friendly practicality in a way that’s pretty impressive. Features like easy-to-clean vegan leather seats, loads of boot space for big dogs or even a couple small ones, and a ‘Dog Mode’ that controls temperature show they’ve thought of everything. Plus, there’s pet loadspace protection packs and an optional air suspension system to help older or smaller pups get in easier – just more proof these guys are leading the pack.

SUVs with Versatile Cargo Areas for Large Dogs

When it comes to selecting the perfect SUV for your large dog, cargo area versatility is key. Whether you’re just going to the vet or planning an extended road trip, having enough room can be essential for both comfort and safety.

The Honda CR-V: Compact Crossover with Impressive Space

A standout among compact crossovers is the Honda CR-V. Despite its compact exterior, this model offers an impressive cargo area that’s easily adaptable for larger breeds. The rear seats fold flat onto the floor creating extra room if needed.

Beyond offering generous boot capacity, even when rear seats are not folded down, there’s still enough space available to comfortably accommodate a large dog bed or crate. Plus its low cargo floor height makes jumping in and out easier for older dogs.

Land Rover Discovery: A Luxury Ride For Your Canine Companion

The Land Rover Discovery stands out as one of our top picks because of its pet-friendly standard features such as optional ‘pet loadspace protection pack’. It provides an environment designed with furry companions’ comfort in mind while ensuring easy cleanup after those muddy park adventures.

Even better? With all rows folded down it has more than 85 cubic feet of storage. And we shouldn’t forget about their ingenious Pet Loadspace Protection Pack which includes useful items like full-height luggage partition and quilted loadspace liner – helping keep your car’s interior clean and scratch-free during journeys. Search Land Rover Discovery to learn more about these features.

Tesla Model Y: Embracing Technology For Pet Safety

If you’re a canine-loving tech enthusiast, the Tesla Model Y is your perfect match. It’s not just its ample cargo space that makes it an ideal choice for large dogs but also the innovative ‘Dog Mode’ feature.

Key Takeaway: 

When choosing an SUV for your large dog, consider models with versatile cargo areas. The Honda CR-V is compact yet spacious enough for big breeds. Land Rover Discovery offers pet-friendly features and ample storage, while Tesla Model Y brings innovative tech like ‘Dog Mode’ to ensure pet safety.

FAQs in Relation to SUVs for Large Dogs

What SUV can fit a large dog crate?

The Chevrolet Traverse and Honda Pilot have generous cargo space that can comfortably accommodate a large dog crate.

How do I get my big dog into my SUV?

A pet ramp or sturdy steps are ideal for helping your big buddy climb into an SUV. Training also helps.

What SUV has a built in dog ramp?

The Land Rover Discovery is one model with an optional Pet Pack which includes a deployable ramp for dogs.

What is the safest car for a dog?

Safety-wise, Volvo XC60 leads the pack due to its comprehensive safety features including pet barriers and load compartments.


Choosing the best suv for large dogs isn’t just about size – it’s also about comfort, safety and features that cater to our four-legged friends.

You learned how boot space is crucial for a comfortable ride. You discovered why foldable rear seats are a must-have when travelling with your pet.

Pet-friendly features like climate control systems and dog guards were highlighted, ensuring your furry companion enjoys every journey safely. You explored AWD SUVs providing stability during long trips, while fuel-efficient models promise cost-effective regular outings.

Luxury doesn’t mean compromising practicality – certain high-end models balance style with spacious interiors suitable for larger breeds. And advanced technology such as Tesla’s ‘Dog Mode’ keeps canine comfort front and center.

Finding the right vehicle requires patience but remember: you’re not just choosing an SUV; you’re picking out a home-on-wheels for those family road trips!

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