Top 5 Vegan SUVs

As SUVs and consumer tastes evolve, using more-environmentally-friendly, eco-conscious materials has become a greater priority for automakers.

Being vegan is increasingly popular and going vegan isn’t just about eating plant-based food. It’s a lifestyle and its broader idea is to not use anything animal-based, or as little as practically possible.

Some SUV models have stepped forward and implemented the use of more vegan products in their materials.

Let’s find out which they are in this list of our top 5 vegan SUV models:

tesla model x

Tesla Model X

The Model X, which debuted in 2015, is the gold-standard for mostly vegan SUVs. From August 2019 and forward, the Model X is now completely leather-free.

After all, this crossover comes from the company that puts being innovative and more environmentally sustainable at the forefront.

The Model X is also the only electric SUV to currently offer three rows of seats, with room for up to seven passengers, making it the largest electric SUV in the marketplace.

Polestar 2

This sporty all-new electric midsize SUV model from Volvo is looking to be a serious competitor to Tesla SUVs. The Polestar 2 combines the raised ride height of a crossover with the sloping rear roofline of a coupe.

It’s also vegan-friendly, ditching leather completely. The Polestar 2 has been lauded by PETA and should appeal to ethically minded and environmentally-conscious crossover drivers.

jaguar i-pace

Jaguar I-Pace

The electric midsize crossover model offers vegan twin-stitched leather sport seats. It combines sport with luxury and is environmentally-friendly.

Tesla Model Y

This is the company’s new compact crossover offering debuting in Spring 2020. It is built off the Tesla Model 3 vehicle platform and the interior will be leather-free.

Despite its relatively small size, the model Y will offer an optional third-row of seats for seven-passenger seating capacity, making smart use of space with a smaller footprint.

Electric Ford Bronco

The long-awaited new Bronco will also offer an electric model in very limited supply. Ford will reportedly only release 150 of its electric Bronco model, which is made by Los Angeles design studio Zero Labs.

The Electric Bronco will feature a carbon fiber body, bamboo and walnut interior panel, and the option for vegan seats. But place your order early if you’d like to purchase one.

Tesla interior

Other Vegan Features in SUV Models

All of these models are likely to have a cost in excess of $60,000. The good news is that pricing on SUVs is coming down and the Model Y starts at $39,000. However, pricing can escalate quickly with options.

In addition to these electric SUV models, there are also gas-powered SUV models that offer all-vegan interiors. These include the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Velar. Mercedes-Benz also offers its MB-tex material in seats instead of using cowhides.

Are There Really Vegan SUVs?

It’s currently almost impossible to build a vehicle that is 100% vegan-friendly. There are animal fats used in the production of automobiles, including in steel and rubber.

However, the approach to building SUVs is changing and automakers continue to strive for more environmentally-friendly and effective solutions.

Even luxury automakers are shifting way from making leather the gold-standard, offering non-animal leather as standard features in SUVs, while still providing a soft, comfortable, plush texture.

Vegan SUV interiors have become a reality as in addition to non-leathers, some models also offer vegan materials on the steering wheel and gearshift.

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