New SUVs

Despite the increased cost of gas, sport-utility vehicles one of the most popular types of vehicles on the roads.   Today’s sport-utility vehicles (“SUVs”) offer space for a family, comfort, good ride height, superior inclement weather ability, and improved fuel economy.  There are several new SUVs that get near thirty miles per gallon on the highway.  It is a competitive vehicle category with over two-dozen models on the market for buyers to choose from.

SUVs are generally classified into three groups:  small or compact, midsize, and full-size.  As you move up in size, you typically get increased price, power, passenger room, cargo space, and towing ability and decreased full economy.  Compact SUVs, typically start near $22,000 and can hold four to five passengers.  Full-size SUVs can easily top $35,000 and typically hold seven to eight passengers, and have a third row of seating.  There are also sub-categories in the SUV marketplace such as luxury and off-road or truck-based SUVs.

While SUVs were historically based off truck models, and some still are, increasingly they are car-based and known as “crossover” vehicles.  Crossover SUVs have better handling, ride quality, are lighter, get better gas mileage, and have better aerodynamics than their truck based SUV counterparts.  Crossover style SUVs still offer all wheel drive capability and can have good towing power.  Truck-based SUVs have generally higher ground clearance, better off-road capability, and a sturdier frame.

 When deciding what type of SUV to buy, many buyers focus on space, power, and four-wheel drive capability.  However, buyers should also consider the model’s reliability, interior comfort, and resale value before making a purchase.  Whichever type of SUV you are in the market for, they offer outstanding versatility, space, good vehicle ride height, and competitive pricing.

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