Worst 2017 SUVs

The SUV segment has become much more diversified in recent years. We’ve gone from a slew of hulking, full-sized models to a mix of small, medium, large and subcompact SUVs. You can find a model that offers virtually anything you might want, from off-road performance to cargo-carrying and towing capabilities to luxury.

However, there are good, great and not as good models out there. We’ve assembled our picks for the worst 2017 SUVs on the market. Ready to learn why you should avoid these vehicles?

fiat 500x

Fiat 500X

While there’s definitely some appeal to Fiat’s vehicles, the 500X, the automaker’s subcompact crossover SUV, doesn’t quite live up to the competition. Car and Driver gives it a rating of just three stars out of five. It suffers from quite a few drawbacks, including significantly less interior room than competing model. On the positive side, the 500x is among the cheapest SUVs at a starting price but gets pricey once you add on options, and lacks the build quality you’d expect for the price.

Consumer Reports thoughts on the 500x are summed up as: ”A long-term relationship with this subcompact SUV is likely to be fraught with frustration’. Another factor to consider is that in Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS crash) ratings, the 500x got a Poor grade in headlight crash test.

Dodge Journey

Dodge’s midsize crossover SUV, the Journey, really blurs the lines between a station wagon and a traditional SUV. It’s very much a love it or hate it design, but some of the vehicle’s flaws might make it better left alone, even if you like the exterior.

The third-row seat is too small for adults, and really better suited to cargo. The 4-cylinder engine is also lacking in power and noisy. The available V6 performs better, but the transmission is sluggish and fuel economy is poor. Steering is slow and numb, and the body suffers from significant lean during turns.

In IIHS’ front small crash overlap test, the Journey received a Poor grade. This model is just plain antiquated and doesn’t measure up favorably in either the midsize or compact SUV classes. On the positive side, the Journey does have a low starting price for its class and we picked among the top SUVs for dogs.

Dodge Journey

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Coming in with just a two-star review from Motor Trend, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is a luxury SUV that is best avoided. This may be a bit surprising as the Land Rover band is known for luxury. However, the engine is sluggish, even with the onboard turbocharger, and the interior is best described as “lackluster”.

Of course, the price tag in excess of $40,000 doesn’t make things any better. There’s also a lot of cabin noise while driving, and the rear seats do not fold flat.

Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac name is synonymous with luxury, and the Escalade does its best to deliver on that promise. It’s a big, bold full-size SUV, but that actually works against it. It’s very large – larger than many drivers want. It’s also not particularly fuel efficient, so expect to pay more at the pump with each fill-up.

And, despite the sheer size of the vehicle, the interior feels somewhat cramped once you move beyond the front row seats. Further, the Escalade finished as the least reliable SUV in Consumer Reports 2017 Auto Reliability Study. Add in a starting price of about $75,000, and the Escalade leaves much to be desired.

2017 cadillac escalade

There you have them – four SUVs that are among the worst 2017 SUVs and may be best to avoid. Which do you feel is the worst value? Let us know in the comments or take our poll below.

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