Fastest SUVs Under $100,000

Have a need for extreme speed, but also want to make sure you still have plenty of cargo room, luxurious features and passenger-carrying capabilities? While you might think that those are mutually exclusive considerations, fear not, particularly when you consider some of the world’s fastest SUVs.

Even with the options listed below, you can expect to pay under $100,000 for that asphalt-eating performance. Here are ten of the fastest SUV models under $100,000:

jaguar f pace

Jaguar F-Pace Sport

Jaguar might not have had a lot of good press for the past few years, but things are turning around for the automaker, if the Jaguar F-Pace Sport is any indication. The supercharged version of the F-Pace, this model offers outstanding acceleration and on-road performance thanks in large part to the V6 engine that puts out 380 horsepower. The F-Pace Sport has a starting price of $70K and a 0-60 time is 5.3 seconds.

Porsche Cayenne S

It might seem strange that Porsche has SUVs, but they have two models, the Cayenne and smaller Macan. Once you slip behind the wheel of a Cayenne, you’ll realize that this is still a performance-oriented machine. A step up from the base model, Cayenne S delivers the handling and awesome acceleration you expect with a recorded 5.2 second 0-60 time.

For those, who want even more, step up to the Cayenne Turbo, which offers 520 horsepower. Or for the ultimate Porsche SUV experience, go for the 570-horsepower Cayenne Turbo S with a starting price of $160K.

porsche cayenne s

Maserati Levante S

The Levante is Maserati’s first ever SUV, and it looks like they might have gotten everything right out of the gate. This is a powerful machine, and comes with your choice of a 345-horsepower V6, or step up to the larger 424-horsepower V6 S line. The Levante S will get you from 0-60 in 5.1 seconds with a staring price of $77K.

2017 Audi SQ5

The SQ5, a more performance oriented version of Audi’s midsize luxury crossover the Q5. It uses a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 with 354 hosewpoer
The Audi Q5 has two rows of spacious seating, agile handling, and strong safety scores. The SQ5 ramps up the performance end of things with a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 that makes 354 horsepower. It’s 0-60 time is 5.1 seconds.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

The Land Rover Range Rover Sport is a high-performance vehicle, but you’ll need to choose your engine with care. There are four options available (combined with different trim levels). The base engine is a V6 that puts out 340 horsepower. There is a turbocharged diesel option that offers 254 horsepower (not recommended for performance-oriented drivers). A 5.0-liter V8 with 510 horsepower is available, as is a tuned version of the same V8 with 550 horsepower.

The 2017 Land Rover Range Rover Sport 5.0L V8 Supercharged has a starting price of $80K and a blistering 0-60 time of 4.6 seconds. If you need even more, go for the Land Rover Range Rover 5.0L V8 Supercharged, which produces 550 horsepower, but has a starting price of $113K.

jeep grand cherokee srt8

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

You may not think to find a Jeep near the top of a fastest SUV list but you’d be mistaken. The Grand Cherokee SRT emphasizes performance and features a roaring Hemi V-8, 6.4-liter engine outputting a massive 475 horsepower. This Jeep has crisp handling, launch control optimization, and of course, all-wheel-drive to cover all your bases. The 2017 Grand Cherokee starts at $67K and has a 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds.

Mercedes-Benz GLA45

The GLA45 puts the sport in SUV. A subcompact crossover more like a hatchback, the GLA45 is the high performance trim with its 2.0-liter turbo charged outputting an impressive 375 horsepower. With its light weight and tremendous power, the GLA45 will get you from 0-60 in 4.3 seconds. And with a starting price of $51K, this makes the GLA45 not only one of the fastest new SUV under $100,000, but also the most affordable of the group.

Porsche Macan Turbo

Porsche’s compact SUV, the Macan has a turbo line with an impressive 400 horsepower. It’s awesome twin-turbocharged 3.6-liter V-6, will get you from 0-60 in 4 seconds. This crazy fast SUV is mated to a seven-speed transmission and still gets decent fuel economy of 20 mpg.

alfa romeo stelvio

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio

It may be a mouthful, but the Alfa Stelvio Stelvio Quadrifoglio, will keep people talking. This new model in 2018 offers a 2.9-liter twin-turbo charged, 505 horsepower engine that will carve up even the steepest canyons. Alfa is claiming a 3.9 second 0-60 time. Even with the optional Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes, the Stelvio Quadrifoglio should come in below six figures and earns a well-deserved place on our most anticipated SUVs of 2018 list.

Tesla Model X

While it might resemble a sedan more than anything else and electric cars were once known more for economy that speed, the Tesla Model X is definitely an SUV and extremely fast. It raises the bar on performance and innovation in this price range. The Model X is offered in three lines 75D, 90D, and 100D, which has to do with battery range. The top end 2017 100D has a starting MSRP of $99,500.

The Model X ranked as the top pick from US News and World Report in the luxury midsize SUV category. And it can also deliver plenty of performance on the road. While it is an all-electric vehicle, it manages to go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds, all while providing seating for seven. The Model X is our pick for best fast SUV under $100,000.

tesla model x

More Considerations

If you have a need for speed, but also want to ensure you can go where you want, when you want, and carry plenty with you, these fastest SUVs under $100,000 will do the trick. If your need is more size over speed but still want good pickup, consider the Cadillac Escalade ESV. This near 3 ton behemoth has a 6.2-liter, V8 engine producing 420 horsepower engine.

The 2017 Escalade ESV has a starting price of $77K and gets from 0-60 in 5.8 seconds. Opt for the Platinum trim, the price of the model quickly escalates to about $100K. Be careful, the Escalade also has its drawbacks and was in our worst 2017s SUVs list.

Willing to go just into the six figure range for a performance SUV? Then consider the Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE43 SUV or BMW X5 M, which both start at about $102K. For those more on a budget, but still want big time performance, consider models such as the featured in our fastest SUVs under $50,000 article.

So what’s your favorite fast SUV model under $100K? Take our poll or let us know in comments below.

*Note: 0-60 times are sourced from published manufacturer data or Car and Driver testing.

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