5 Reasons Why You Should Buy an SUV Over a Car

Have you been debating which car model will be your next purchase and feeling overwhelmed with all the choices? SUVs have consistently been among the top selling vehicles for over a quarter centruay. What is it about them that makes them one of the top-selling body styles on the market? If you are debating which car to buy next, here are five reasons why you need to consider an SUV over a car.

Cargo Space and Towing

For many drivers, having plenty of cargo space and flexibility with your vehicle is crucial. SUVs are versatile and utilitarian by nature making them great to haul groceries, get to the ski slopes, or pick up the kids from soccer. Even the SUVs with a third row can offer plenty of storage space as you can remove the seats, or you can fold them down.

The other benefit of an SUV is most will come with an optional roof rack. This is a great way to hold extra storage when you are traveling. A towing package is another perk of an SUV. You can tow a number of trailers based on the size of your SUV. Small-to-midsize SUVs can normally tow a small boat or trailer while a large SUV can tow a large travel trailer and other things. The trailer hitch comes in handy for those needing extra storage as you can add on a storage system, bike rack, and ski rack to make your travel easier.

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Driving in Inclement Weather

When you hit a major snowstorm, a car can slide around, and can even get stuck in the snow. An SUV that comes with all-wheel drive (AWD) or 4-wheel drive, making it easy to get out a snow bank. Many SUVs have traction control to help with the concerns of an icy road. Even if you’re model isn’t AWD, SUV tires tend to provide more traction and grip than car tires, which is very useful on wet roads.


An SUV provides additional clearance, making it easy to see more as you drive. The larger the SUV, the more clearance you will have. SUVs are larger, so they do provide more protection during an accident, something drivers and passengers can really appreciate.

Passenger Space

If you need to take around several passengers, many SUVs will include a third row, allowing for 7 or 8 passengers to sit comfortably in the vehicle. Even five-seat SUVs tend to have more passenger space than all but large car models.

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Bumpy Roads

Potholes and bad roads seem to be an increasing problem for drivers. Hitting a pothole in a car can lead to a flat tire, or worse, a major car repair. An SUV has more clearance, some providing 11 inches of clearance. This helps you out when offroading as you won’t end up hitting rocks and scraping other areas that can damage a car.

The SUV provides not only clearance, but a smooth ride. Thanks to larger shocks and struts, the SUV can manage gravel roads, potholes, and dirt roads with ease and its larger tires can tackle the toughest roads.

To find out if buying an SUV over a car is right for you and your budget, test drive multiple models. SUVs come in unique styling and features, making them a popular vehicle among most Americans. And if you’re going to buy an SUV with towing capacity, be sure to read the owners manual to find out how much the vehicle can tow before you invest in a new SUV that doesn’t have the strength to tow around your toy hauler!

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