Safest 2015 Compact SUVs

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has conducted tests on a number of 2015 SUV models to determine how well a vehicle protects its occupants in a crash. Beyond just impact and structural integrity, safety ratings also take into account new technology such as front crash prevention systems, which alert drivers to brake automatically to mitigate impending frontal collision.

To earn a 2015 Top Safety Pick+ rating, models were required to have a front crash prevention system. Other collision prevention systems include lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and backup cameras. In addition to helping to prevent accidents, these features also improve visibility.

The Top Scorers

According to their IIHS crashworthiness scores, the safest 2015 compact SUV models are:

– 2015 Honda CR-V, with optional front crash prevention
– 2015 Mazda CX-5, with optional front crash prevention
– 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander, with optional front crash prevention
– 2015 Subaru Forester, with optional front crash prevention

mazda cx3

Subaru was a safety standout among automakers as all seven of its models received at least one IIHS safety award.

Other Safe 2015 Compact SUV Models

To quality as a 2015 Top Safety Pick, models were required to earn good ratings in the side, moderate overlap front, head restraint, and roof strength tests, as well as acceptable or good ratings in the small overlap front test. For models without a front crash prevention system this was the highest safety rating they could attain.

The safest 2015 compact SUVS in this group were:

– Chevrolet Equinox
– GMC Terrain
– Nissan Rogue
– Toyota RAV4, applies only to vehicles built after November 2014

For the complete 2015 IIHS top safety pick list, click here.

Safety Trends

With the ever increasing amount of technology and collision avoidance systems, vehicles in the U.S. are continuing to get safer. This is reflected in IIHS testing. In 2014, there were 22 vehicles overall that earned the Top Safety Pick+ rating compared to 33 in 2015. SUVs tend to weigh more than cars and have a higher ground clearance. This helps their crash worthiness affording more protection than smaller, lighter vehicles.

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