Best Value SUV of 2012

When you buy a vehicle, you want to get the most for your hard earned dollar. The resale value of the model is a key factor as it is highly likely that a new SUV owner will need to trade-in or sell their vehicle in the future. That is why it is important to study resale value statistics prior to making a new vehicle purchase.

Resale Value Data

There is a new study out indicating the best value SUV of 2012 in each different class. ALG, a company that provides services to automotive manufacturers, financial institutions, and fleet companies, has released its 2012 residual value awards.

ALG’s study looks at what vehicles retain the highest percentage of their original price after a three year period. ALG also prognosticates on new models based on historical data and data of comparable models by the auto manufacturer.

Range Rover
Creative Commons License photo credit: Land Rover Our Planet

Residual Value Award Winners

The winners in the six SUV categories in the study were:

Compact Utility – Jeep Wrangler
Midsize Utility – Subaru Outback
Fullsize Utility – GMC Acadia
Luxury Compact – Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
Luxury Midsize Utility – Land Rover Range Rover Sport
Luxury Fullsize Utility – Audi Q7

These models can be considered the best value SUVs of 2012. Subaru won ALG’s Mainstream Brand Residual Value Award for the third year in a row. Subaru has seen a healthy share of awards for its 2012 models, as all three of its crossovers were named to the IIHS’ list of safest 2012 SUVs.

American Models on the List

Japanese manufacturers scored big with 11 winners in the 21 vehicle categories. The Acadia and Wrangler were the only two American models to win the award among all vehicles.

The Wrangler is a bit of a stand out as more of a niche model with its off-road heritage. However, the model is much improved for 2012 with a more competent and fuel-efficient 283 horsepower V6 engine.

These awards are important for manufacturers as they build credibility and can helpful in marketing their models. Ultimately, the best value SUV of 2012 is the model that best fits the buyers’ needs and budget.

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