Most Reliable Used SUV

What’s the most reliable used SUV? There are a lot of solid models to choose from and buying used can keep vehicle costs much more manageable. Our choice, even though it’s been more than decade since its release, is the 2004 Toyota 4Runner. This model has proven to be a most durable used SUV choice. To this day, the 2004 model continues to get rave reviews from customers buying it.

Known for its dependability as well as its classic design, the Toyota 4Runner remains one of the best values on the open used SUV market. In fact, these vehicles are often tricky to find because their owners simply don’t want to sell them.

A Model With More Than 30 Year in the Marketplace

The 4Runner is among the historically longest continuously sold SUVs in the marketplace. The original 4Runner, released in 1985, was basically a modified two-door truck with a hatchback added on. As a testament to its reliability, according to Forbes, an estimated 5.2% of all 4Runners on the roads have more than 200,000 miles on them, which is better than any other SUV model.

toyota 4runner sr5

The 2004 Toyota 4Runner is more standard of the SUV genre with four doors and plenty of space. Designed for maximum comfort as well as strength and dependability, the 2004 Toyota 4Runner is a vehicle that was built to last.

The 2004 4Runner was offered in three trim lines: SR5, Sport Edition, and Limited with standard rear-wheel drive or optional four-wheel drive. This was the fourth generation of the model, also known as the N210. The generation of the model debuted in 2002 and ran through 2009 and was constructed on the same platform as the Toyota FJ Cruiser, a model known for its rugged, off-road capability.

A Sturdy Truck-Based Platform

Built with the strength of a truck, the Toyota 4Runner reminds the driver that it was part of a family of trucks that became SUVs later. But the creature comforts are clearly there; the vehicle has heated seats with leather covering, keyless entry (remember this vehicle is from 2004) as well as a power port. Power windows and door locks are standard on this vehicle.

Standard downhill assist makes the Toyota 4Runner pleasing to drive no matter what the situation, and it’s comfortable to drive in urban or rural conditions. The model’s higher ride height affords good visibility and serious off-road capability.

Power and Towing

With its durable and weight structure, the popular V6 4Runner comes with a 4.0-liter 245 horsepower engine. 20 mpg it pretty typical with this vehicle and its offered with both manual transmission (SR5 models) and a four-speed automatic. The option 4.7-liter 8-cylinder engine is a bit of a gas guzzler, but offers more towing power.

The 4Runner is rated as having a pull rating of 6500 pounds, and owner testimonials to this day seem to indicate that this SUV can easily rise to the task. The 4Runner is not only a comfortable vehicle, but an extremely powerful one that can be used for hauling or towing without any real problem.

A Dependable SUV Model

The 4Runner is well-known for its dependability; even today, owners are logging up to 200K miles without a hitch. Maintenance issues are few with this vehicle, and many of these vehicles are still on the road today. The vehicle’s reliable is further supported by its strong resale value.

The Toyota 4Runner was designed to offer plenty of interior comforts for a mid-size SUV. Its architecture is rock-solid, and was designed to last. For more information on reliable used SUV models, click

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