How to Boost Your Luxury SUVs Performance

Luxury SUVs are some of the hottest models on the roads. Most of the American public begins to salivate when one of the new luxury SUVs drives by, but the base price of $80,000 and monthly payments of $1,200+ puts them way out of reach for the average American.

One alternative is to look for previously owned luxury SUVs. The nice thing about previously owned luxury vehicles is that the vehicles have usually been well maintained, and there are many reliable reviews available.

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Choose Your Model Wisely

Good reviews along with test drivers allow one to see the pros and cons of the overall vehicle. Just because there is a famous name on the front of vehicle does not mean it is what you want to own. Sometimes a ‘good deal’ in pricing isn’t such a good deal after all. If you are buying used, get all the information at your disposal before committing to a purchase.

Due to the size and weight of luxury SUVs some are rather sluggish, not giving the desired acceleration on take off or when merging or passing other vehicles. This can mean lower re-sale prices, and with a little knowledgeable haggling one can drive off the lot with a very nice luxury SUV for a bargain price.

Consider a Performance Chip

Large SUVs also tend to have rather low fuel economy. One tip is to add a performance chip to the vehicle. These chips can boost performance without major engine modifications and some can actually MPG by up to 30%!

Some performance chips work by oxygen regulation, and others work by increasing horsepower. The best performance chips available combine the two technologies into one chip.

In terms of which chip to get, the Stage 3 Surge O2 Chip Combo can be a good choice. The Stage 3 chip is available for around $300, and is easily installed; it takes about 10 minutes. It works in conjunction with the factory parts, and has a 10-year warranty. To find performance chips, you can Google ‘performance chips for sale’ and you will be presented with large selection of online stores that will be eager to assist you with your purchase. As always, do your homework and shop around.

After installation of the performance chip you may be amazed at the difference in acceleration, and in a week or two you may be equally impressed with how much better mileage you’re getting at the pump. So by shopping for quality pre-owned models and adding a performance chip, you could own the luxury SUV of your dreams and still afford your mortgage!

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