Top Selling SUVs for 2010

August 2010 auto sales figures have been released. Of the top 20 selling vehicles on the market, which includes cars, SUVs/Cross-overs, minivans, and pick-ups, three SUVs are on the list. The top selling SUVs for 2010 are the Honda CR-V at number 8 with 19,451 units sold, the Ford Escape at number 16 with 14,838 units sold, and Toyota RAV-4 at number 17 with 14,727 units sold.

Overall for the year, the Ford Escape, with 128,507 units sold actually has a slight lead over the Honda CR-V in sales, with 126,379 units sold. The RAV-4 has 111,706 units sold for the year, but surprisingly it leads in sales gains as it is on track for a 15.8% increase from 2009. The RAV-4 has not received a significant update since 2006.

Other new SUV models selling well include the Chevrolet Traverse and Kia Sorrento. Each has the potential to sell over 100,000 units for 2010, which would be a new record for both.

The top three selling 2010 models through August are the Ford F-Series pick-up, Chevrolet Silverado pick-up, and Toyota Camry / Solara. Each has already sold more than 220,000 units for the year. Amongst the top 20 selling vehicles, the Hyundai Sonata has made the largest gains, with a 50% increase in sales for the year.

Total SUV/Cross-over sales for August 2010 were 290,371, which is up 15.1% from August 2009, which was at the height of the U.S. government’s “Cash For Clunkers” program. American consumers have made the SUV/cross-over segment the hottest class in new vehicle purchases. The source for the sales data is

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