Best 2011 SUVs

Kiplinger’s magazine has announced the winners of their best in class 2011 SUVs. The models chosen among the different SUV categories are some of the best 2011 SUVs. They had the top overall rankings for eleven categories including performance, value, and safety. Data was used from Kelley Blue Book, Vincentric (for service and insurance costs), and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (Top Safety Picks) to compile the rankings. Surprisingly, no significantly revised 2011 SUV models were named best in class.

According to Kiplinger’s, the best in class 2011 SUV winners were:

– Small Crossovers, Subaru Forester
– Large and Midsize Crossovers, Mazda CX-9
– Truck Based SUVs, Chevrolet Suburban
– Wagons, Subaru Outback

We have included the Subaru Outback on this best 2011 SUV list, as it is a competitor in the midsize crossover class. The Outback is a five-passenger vehicle that actually has more interior room than the Ford Edge. The Outback has 34.3 cubic feet of cargo room with all seats up, and 71.3 cubic feet with the rear seats folded flat. This compares to the Edge, which has 32.2 cubic feet with the seats in use and 68.9 cubic feet with the rear row folded flat. The Outback also comes standard with all-wheel drive, as all Subarus do.

Good handling, high resale value, abundant cargo space, and excellent safety ratings, in comparison to their competitors, boosted these best 2011 SUVs. Subaru was especially helped by the fact that all of is models earned Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick awards. The CX-9 earned extra points for having more rear legroom and cargo room than the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander. The Suburban was helped by low insurance costs, low service costs, decent fuel economy for a V-8, and a reasonable starting price for a nine-seat SUV.

Three of these best 2011 SUV models recently won the Motor Trend SUV of the Year Award with the CX-9 winning in 2008, the Forester winning in 2009, and the Outback winning in 2010. The Suburban was on Kiplinger’s 10Best Cars of the Decade List.

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