Electric SUV Super Bowl Commercials

Electric vehicles are the hottest part of the automotive sector. And in Super Bowl LVI, between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams, a handful of new electric SUV models will be on display, in the television commercials that is.

The game is expected to be watched by over 90 million viewers in the U.S. with the advertisements also being up on YouTube and social media.

Automakers hope this exposure will help these models gain more traction, create more buzz, and get a large market share. Read on to find out which electric SUV models were in Super Bowl TV commercials.

BMW Electric SUV


The iX is an all-new luxury midsize SUV and the brand’s first all-electric SUV. It’s a compelling package of prodigious power, refined ride quality, and a futuristic interior.

With a starting price of over $80,000, BMW is looking to attract upper-income luxury buyers. The company brought out the star power in their Super Bowl commercial. The BMW spot featured famous actors Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Greek god Zeus and Salma Hayek as his goddess wife Hera.

In the advertisement, Zeus is growing tired of using his signature lightning bolt power whenever electricity is needed. But when his wife brings home a new iX all-electric SUV, he gets a jolt and he loves his new vehicle.

Kia EV6

The EV6 is Kia’s stylish new electric compact crossover. The EV6 is already on sale and the company wants viewers to see what the future of the company looks like and have it be memorable.

Kia went for cute and fun in its EV6 ad with a robotic dog and a partnership with the Petfinder Foundation to help abandoned dogs find new homes.

Kia is playing up the social media aspects of the ad, even developing an app for the robotic dog and a TikTok integration.

GM Electric SUVs

General Motors’ electric vehicle Super Bowl spot combines a famous movie character with climate change to promote its new models.

Dr. EV-il, played by actor and comedian Mike Myers, is featured in the ad where instead of an evil scheme, he’s on a mission to save the planet from climate change.

The ninety-second ad also features other actors returning from the Austin Powers movie series, Rob Lowe, Seth Green, and Mindy Sterling. There is a reference in the ad to a Baby-Me. Unfortunately, the actor who played Mini-Me in the films, Verne Troyer, passed away.

The Cadillac Lyriq a luxury midsize electric crossover is shown in the ad along with the Hummer EV and Chevy Silverado EV pick-up.

Nissan Ariya

The Ariya is Nissan’s compact electric crossover that debuts in 2023. Nissan’s one-minute Super Bowl commercial brings the star power as it features actor and comedian Eugene Levy with appearances from actors Brie Larson, Catherine O’Hara, Dave Bautista, and Danai Gurira.

The ad title ‘Thrill Driver” primarily features Levy driving a Nissan Z sports.  Early in the spot, he passes actor Catherine O’Hara who is driving an Araya.   The commercial concludes with Levy commenting on the “nice ride” as the Ariya pulls up and then they drive off in it.

Volvo EVs

While Volvo has done Super Bowl commercials in the past, Volvo’s skipped on a TV ad for the big game in 2022. Instead, it opted for a focus on social engagement, shares, and hashtags where users have the chance to win a new XC60.

Volvo is also incentivizing viewers to follow them on social media and learn more about EVs and Volvo’s innovations. Polestar, an electric car company that Volvo co-owns, did have a Super Bowl commercial for their Polestar 2 model.

The Most Watched Event of the Year

Ad rates for Super Bowl 56 are an astronomical $7,000,000 for a thirty-second ad spot. Despite this high cost, auto manufacturers want eyeballs, want people plugged in, and attention drawn to their new products.

Electric vehicles represent the future of the automotive industry. Since a large portion of the population has never owned an EV, the Super Bowl TV commercial, media attention, social media reach, and potential virality present a special opportunity to grow interest, educate consumers, and increase awareness.

Ultimately, the goal is to help spur more interest, faster adoption, and accelerate electric SUV sales. And if the commercial is successful enough, it could garner even more attention following the game than the game itself.

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